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Postcards from Italy

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postcards from italy

Welcome to "Postcards from Italy", a community to find worldwide penpals that share your love for Axis Powers Hetalia. Everyone can join and everyone can write entries, just keep following rules in mind:

Be nice
This is a community that's meant for finding new friends, so please: no bitching, insulting, fighting, whatever.

No spam/off-topic!
Please don't put entries that aren't related to our community. So: no advertisement for other communities, unless they have something to do with finding penpals or something similar.
Nothing against some off-topic-conversations in the comments, though <3.

English, please
Hetalia is a very multilingual fandom, but please post in English so that everyone can understand you (except if you have little conversations with someone you share a different language with in the comments, I won' mind). And please treat those who can't speak/write perfect English (like your dear admin |D) with respect <3.
You can write your letters in every language you like, though, of course.

How to post
Write a little (or long, whatever you prefer) entry about yourself, what kind of penpals you search for, etc. The rest of the contents are up to you, but please start with your


The rest is up to you. Maybe something about your favourite Hetalia-characters and -pairings, your hobbies, your interests, your life, what kind of penpals you would like to get to know, what kind of mail (letters/e-mail/im/etc) you prefer, what languages you would like to learn, other fandoms you're into, a picture (of yourself?), etc etc ... whatever you like. Just don't be afraid :).
And please use an lj-cut in case your entry gets too long x3.

Please tag your entries!

First tag: from + the country you live in.
Example: "from USA".

Second tag (this is of course optional, if you don't care about this, just leave it out): The country/the language you search for.
Example: "searching for French"
(you can also pick more than one, but please use just one tag for each country/language)

If you need a tag that's not there, please post your request as a comment to this post.

How to exchange adresses

I think the bet and most secure way would be via lj-message. But you can do as you like, perhaps via mail or instant messaging?
I think most of you wouldn't, but just in case:
Don't put your adresses directly into your posts! The internet is a dangerous place and you can never know.
Maybe it's better to write mails or talk via instant messengers for a while before you start writing letters, if you want to be sure everything's okay. But that's all up to you.

Does it have to be traditional mail/letters ...?

Nah, if you don't like it that way, you can also search for Mail-/Instant Messaging friends. But keep in mind that this community was founded because most of the friending memes and such are meant to find new online friends and there are few requests for penpals.
It's okay, but please don't let it become a place only for that.

Oh, and of course you can also send packets, postcards, whatever you like. Just keep in mind that this could become expensive, depending on the distance between you x'3.



How to affiliate...?
Yesplease! Just post a comment on the very first entry <3.

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[title taken from "Postcards from Italy" by Beirut]
[Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya]
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