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Hello from the confused one!

Hey there! so I'm looking for a skype or emailing kind of friend!

Name/nickname: Macey (but I like to keep my skype name Feliciano)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Homecountry:The United States Of America
Language/s: English, and some french (but I stink at it.)

About the whole friend thing is I've never really had a ton of friends.
I don't understand a few things but there are somethings I really know a lot about.
I've had/still have friends who live quite a ways away from me.
For example I live in Missouri and one of my friends live in Flordia. (yes I know that's not all that far but it is to me)

I really like ice cream.
I don't have a point to what I do and I really like roleplay (like I roleplay a lot)

If you really just want some one you can text at midnight about cats or something crazy just know I'll be awake. *insert laughing here*

If you don't mind talking to other crazy people I could also introduce you to a few of my friends but you might not.

Anyways enough about me.
How are you?

Hello from HK!

Name/nickname: Nina
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Homecountry:Hong Kong
Language/s: Cantonese,English,Chinese,Japanese and a bit of German

Favourite Characters : ALL! ^q^
But still Spain is my first priority xDDD

Interest : Animation,manga,art (music, drama performing, singing)

Here is Nina From HK! I'm so happy to see this page and leave message to meet more new Hetalia friends. I really do hope that I can share my experience and culture to people with same interest all over the world. It is so welcome to ask me for my contact if you want to have a nice talk together through skype, email, wsapp, line and so on~
Thank you so much!

Hello Awesome Dudes and Dudetts!!!

Name/Nickname: Zara, Zsa, TsuTsu
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Homecountry: USA
Language/s: English, A little French, Some German, A little of Italian, Somewhat Russian

Hiya! Pleasure to meet you all! I'm Zara, as in how the British say it. My name gets said wrong so many times. I just graduated from High School and is aiming to go college! I'm a videogame lover and anime/manga lover.
But enough I should say what I like and everything Oui?

I want to learn more on Italian, French, Russian, and French.
I love to read and write all the time. Not to mention draw anime, and make mochi plushies! I love how cute and cuddle they are so much. I want to travel to Japan one day, hopefully I can, then head to Italy, then Russia, then everywhere else<3

I am single, which sucks, but ya know what can you do? ^ W ^ It's no biggie if, I am or not because you never know what kinds of awesome fish you might meet!

I love all all types of anime/Manga. Hetalia, of course, Yu Yu Hakusho, D.Grayman, FullMetal Alchemist, Disgaea, One Piece, Durarara(?), Megaman GigaMix/MegaMix, Devil Surviovrs 2 and many more anime/managa.

VideoGames I like are mostly RPG based mostly adventure or horror. Devil Survivors Series, Hetalia (Fanbased Games), Pokémon, One Piece, Harvest Moon, Disgaea Series, Kirby, Luigi's Mansion, Paper Mario, Corpse Party, Mogeko Series.

I have many favorite characters, espically from Hetalia I'm just going to list them down hope you don't mind.

Hetalia: Russia, Italy, Romano, America, Prussia, Germany, Japan, and all the 2Ps.
A few of my friends say I act like Russia and America. It's a little weird since, I really act like Romano, but oh well right? :D

I love making new friends world wide! The stuff you learn, the awesomeness you get from it! It's just super awesome to talk to other people through mail! Its strange through. I never thought I do this, but after reading a Hetalia Penpal story with Germany, I decided "Why Not?" I'm excited and hoping maybe we can mail each other? It be awesome dudes and dudettes!!!

Thank you~
Name: Misuzu
Age: 33  ... :(
Gender: Female
Home country: JAPAN
Languages: Japanese, English


私の好きなアニメは「Hetalia」「Conan」「進撃の巨人」「ONE PEICE」「Naruto」「Dragon Ball」「夏目友人帳」「蟲師」「xxxHolic」などなんでも好きです

私のお気に入りのペアリングは、米国/ JP(米×日)、米国/ JP(英×日)、プロイセン/ JP(普×日)など。などです


Nice to meet you, My name is Misuzu.
I live in Miyazaki in Japan.
Sometimes before, I was living in Tokyo
Has been registered I would like to learn English
Anime and manga, games, Japanese culture is like
There is a very interesting culture, overseas

I like anime "Hetalia", "Conan", "shingeki no kyojin ", "ONE PIECE", "Naruto", "Dragon Ball", "Natsume Yuujinchou","Mushishi" and "xxxHolic"
I like the game FF series, DQ series, ICO, Kingdom Hearts

I love Hetalia especially!!!!
My favourite characters are Japan,Germany,US,UK and ...everyone!!
My favorite pairing are US/JP(米×日),US/JP(英×日),Pru/JP(普×日),etc..etc...

Please tell me the English Come
Thank you
Let's aim at each other skills! !


Nickname: Mads
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Home Country: Australia
Language/s: English, German (tiniest bit ever, I'm trying to learn)

G'day! So, I'm Mads. I like art (though I'm not the best at it), history, music, anime, y'know, all that kind of stuff. ;P I love Hetalia, it's one of my favourite animes. I also take an interest in learning about other countries!

I don't mind where you're from, as long as you're interested in chatting with me! :D I would prefer to use email or Skype but maybe a bit later when we've gotten to know each other we could use snail mail. ;3

So my favourite characters... I love them all... ;3; But Spain, Romano, Italy, Germany and Prussia are my precious babies. Hehe :)

My favourite pairings... There are so many xD Spamano, GerIta, PruCan, FrUK, and I don't think I can name them all... ^_^" But if you don't like those pairings that's fine with me! I'd love to hear about your favourite pairings.

I look forward to chatting! :D


Name: Erin Rose
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Languages: I can speak English and Spanish well, I speak very rudimentary French.

Hello! I'm a junior (year 3) in high school, I like reading, music, movies (some of my favorites are: The Iron Giant, Ghostbusters, The Breakfast Club, Marvel movies in general, Forrest Gump, Spirited Away, and many others), TV shows, especially cartoons, anime/manga (kill la kill, kyoukai no kanata, shingeki no kyojin, hetalia, and many more), comic books, cosplay, video games, learning, eating and cooking, and especially drawing! I'd prefer snail-mail penpals so I can send you cute stationary with doodles and stickers, because I've missed it so much! ;~;

My favorite characters from hetalia are Canada, Romano, Spain, Prussia, Romania, and really just about everyone from the series!
I like most pairings, but some of my favorites are USUK/UKUS GerIta, SpaMano, and RusAme.

I'd really like to have an international penpal, but I would love one from the US as well! I think it'd be really fun to exchange drawings or little gifts, if possible. Please send me a message if you'd like to exchange letters with me, I'd be very appreciative! And, if you like, I could try to help you learn English or Spanish. Just saying.

Here's an example of my drawings, by the way!




I look forward to hearing from you!
Hi! As the title said, i'm looking for new friends all around the world :3 i prefer traditional message, because i'm tired being online :'D afterall, it's more fun if we could exchange some drawings or etc through traditional message, right? :3

Name/nickname: Monica
Language: English

I'm a pre-med student & a freshman, I like movies, music, photography, drawing, writing, making music and everything about art! i also love sciences & history, probably that's why i really like hetalia~ i like cosplay and i also like reenacting! (more like cosplaying but in historical way .-.) i love talking about hetalia, history (specially WORLD WAR II), life & ROLEPLAYY~ (just let me know if you want to RP through traditional message :3)

my favourite characters are germany, england, prussia, netherland and... EVERYONE! :3
my favourite pairings are PruHun, GerIta, SpaMano, USUK, RusAme, GerHun, GerBela anddd EngSey, but basically i just love all of hetalia pairings xD

I'm very updated to new movies and i'm a big fan of supernatural, marvel, the walking dead, sherlock holmes, doctor who, criminal minds, big bang theory, narnia, divergent, the hunger games, the maze runner, and everything that you usually found in the big world of tumblr fandom xD

Looking forward to chatting with you!



I like Hetalia very much.
I love Prussia and Germany in particular. But, I love everyone.
I like comics other than Hetalia, anime.
It is generally like pop culture.
I am Hoping I could speak a lot and manga Hetalia, for anime.
English is poor, but I want to continue to progress.
Please take a friend who by all means we should just do it still.

Thanks you for reading.

Hetlaia Panpal

Hei! :D

Hei ^^
I'm searching for a Skype contacts or Mail-Friends from all over the world ^o^

Name/nickname: Alexandra (but call me Alex, or Alexa, or Lexy or Lexa... x'D)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Homecountry: Germany
Language/s: German, English, Russian, (not very god) French, (learning) Norwegian

My favourite Hetalia Charakter is... everyone!
It changes every day ... x'D

My favourite Pairngs are... uh... I have soooo many!
It's esier to say, which I don't really like...

I don't really like: Spamano, USUK, NorIce, AmeRus/RusAme, PRussia and SwissLiecht
I think that was the Pairs...
But, if you like them, it's no problem for me ^^
The pairings you like, don't say anything about your personality, right? x'DD

Now, my Hobbies:
- Learning languages
- Singging
- Making YouTube - Videos
- writing Fanfictions
- Playing Keyboard
- Whaching KVN (Is a Russian Comedy Thingy x'D I like it soooo much! <3)
- Cosplaying <3

Cosplays I have:
- Canada (Fem and Male)
- Japan (My best cos, I think.)
- China

Cosplays I want to have:
- Norway (Next year I'll get it!)
- Hungary (Maybe...)

What I like:
- Tetris
- Minecraft
- Some German Bands like "Schandmaul", "Versengold" and "Die Streuner"
- Russian, English, German and Japanease and Finnish music (and French and Norwegian and Korean ect.)
- classic
- books!

I don't like:
- school
- homework
- maths
- German (No, I like to learn it... but... the things that we do there right now are... boring!)

What kind of poeple I prefer:
I no prefer anyone. I like everyone who adds me as his friend in Skype.
It would be good, if you haven't a big problem with my English, because I'm just learning at school and don't know.... My grammr is okay... or not...

What I would like: If someone who wants to teach me Norwegian, or Swedish or Danish, or Icelandic would add me.

And someone who can help me with French...

And someone who wants to teach me his/her language. (I can teach you German! :DD)

Yes... what can I say now... uhm...

I don't know... ^^

I hope someone is interested in chatting with me!


PS: I hope... that isn't to long... D:

Friends? :3

Name/Nickname : Kaamee/Kaamy (real name is Camille~)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Homecountry: France~
Languages: English, French, and a tiny bit of Spanish!

Hi everyone! I'm a French girl who's searching for penpals, e-pals, friends! I like talking about Hetalia (obviously), my hobbies include drawing, listening to music, creating small video games, History and learning languages! I really like learning about a country's history and sharing anecdotes about traditional things. I'm also a cosplayer! I'm not very good but I'm willing to improve :) What else can I say... Ah, yes! I really like roleplaying, a lot! If you just want a roleplayer, I'm okay with it, although I hope we'll be good friends too!

I'm quite shy and I can seem cold at first, but if you happen to hit the right spot I promise I'll try to be a supportive and nice person to talk to. I get really enthusiastic about things I like, and I'm always passionate about something (happens to be Hetalia right now).

My favourite characters... I can't decide D: I really like everyone in Hetalia, Nyotalia, 2p!talia, well you get the thing. However I do have a soft spot for the Nordics, especially Sweden (cutie). Favourite pairings? If I HAD to list my OTPs, it would goes like that I guess: SuFin, FrUK, PruHun, Spamano, GerIta, RusAme/AmeBel. But I like almost every ship, including DenIce, or PruCan, or AsaKiku, etc.

So please send me a message if you're interested, I don't bite! I'm okay with sharing my Skype or e-mail if asked.

Thank you for reading! :3


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